Rock & Roll Rumble 2020 is cancelled. I wish the news was better. Wear a mask. More here:

New Rumble Poster by Anngelle Wood

RUMBLE 2020 rescheduled dates: Thurs, July 30 - Sat, Aug 29 at ONCE Ballroom. ONCE remains closed until further notice and there are no updates to offer at this time. We are watching the situation carefully. The safety of everyone involved is of the  utmost importance. We will update when and if we have news to share.

RUMBLE 2020 scheduled for April has been postponed and will happen later this year. Stay tuned.

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What is the Rumble?


A time-honored live music tradition, an institution, and the World Series of Boston Rock. Founded by Boston’s radio behemoth, 104.1 WBCN, the Rock of Boston, the first official Rumble took place in 1979 at the legendary RAT in Kenmore Square. The Neighborhoods won. We continue in that spirit where bands play to full rooms, new audiences, make friends, and raise their profile in the city.

Boston Emissions is home to the Rock & Roll Rumble. It is an annual music festival and showcase curated by Anngelle Wood, host of Boston Emissions. Only bands who send music to, and receive airplay on, Boston Emissions will be considered. You must send music the the show.

Your band needs to be actively making music and playing out. 24 bands are selected to participate over 9 nights each spring. All bands are paid to participate. No band ever pays to play in the Rumble. Bands are expected to promote their participation in the Rumble.

Finalists win money, prizes, and opportunities. A lot of bands have played it. Ask them.

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