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 Boston Emissions

[NEWS] May 6, 2018: Tonight is the final broadcast of this show on 100.7 WZLX. It’s the end of era, Boston Emissions Sunday nights at 10. Hosting a show the way I do it requires a lot of energy, and there have been times when I didn’t want to do it and times where people were really a bummer to me. But there are so many good people and great bands in this town, that you always pull through. It’s not always clear that people care about what I do, it’s not always evident that you are paying attention.


Today I reached out to a number of you and told you what was up. Boston Emissions will no longer air on WZLX. I will continue as host, as I have done for 10 years since the days of 104.1 WBCN. I will do that somewhere else.

I'm going to take a break. ten years of Sunday nights and I'll still never watch zombies.

Keep in touch, send new music.
Boston Emissions and the Rumble are coming back.

Playlist 5/6/18

Buffalo Tom - Sunday Night


Mellow Bravo - Just Like Water Would

Mean Creek
 - Do You Know? 


PIEBALD - American Hearts

The Model Sons - We Both Win 

Black Thai - The Ladder 

Choke Up - My Oh My 

Lady Bones
 - Courtesy Moans

Animal Flag - Sensation 

 - Frustrated, Unnoticed

Ruby Rose Fox
 - The Dread 

Backwards Dancer
 - Breathe Life Into Beauty 

John Powhida International Airport
 - Rhode Island 

Bang Camaro
 - Push Push Lady Lightning

 - Satellite

Cocked N' Loaded
 - Maximum Overdrive
recorded live on Boston Emissions) 

 - Still Kids (recorded live on Boston Emissions) 

Carissa Johnson
 - Badlands (recorded live on Boston Emissions) 

Eldridge Rodriguez
 - Giving Myself Over to Boston (recorded live on Boston Emissions) 

Camden - Talking About You (recorded live on Boston Emissions) 

The Information
 - I Love Trouble 

The Sheila Divine
 - Awful Age

Loveless - Go 

American Measles - The Z

Parlour Bells
 - Airwaves



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