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#BostonMusic: The State Of Live Music In Boston Forum

We had a lively and constructive discussion on Monday, 5/23. It continues through online conversation. While I was not certain how the meet up would go, I was impressed with the soul of it. What I mean is people want an opportunity to talk, in-person, face to face.

We spend so much time waxing and complaining and cracking jokes on the internet, we spend little time talking to one another. I found that the two hours we spent listening to each other was more beneficial than imagined.

Read reviews of the #BostonMusic Forum Vanyaland | Allston Pudding | WBUR ARTery

There are many topics to cover that we will tackle one at a time. Future meet ups will be structured to get the most from each session. We aim to pose questions, get answers, and seek solutions. I am reviewing your feedback - thank you! -- and I will give you a report in a few days or so.

I very much appreciate your time and attention to this. This means a lot to a lot of us and we will continue the momentum created. A positive step in the right direction.

If anyone wants to reach out via email, please do: anngellewoodmedia@gmail.com.

Thank you.

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